Online privacy: Disconnect stops 2000 sites from invisibly tracking you, for FREE

I just found a wonderful free online privacy tool, and installed it into my browser. For free!

It’s called Disconnect and you can get it here –

Disconnect stops 2000 sites from invisibly tracking you.

Used by over a million people, Disconnect lets you visualize & block the invisible websites that track you.

This lightweight little addon blocks 2,000+ tracking sites so your web pages will load 27% faster. This saves your bandwidth too, as well as protecting your privacy.

It also provides Private browsing and private search. And kids privacy.

Designed by a former Google engineer and a privacy-rights advocate/attorney.

Free or make a donation.

Use it and pass it on.

Free online cloud backup service gives 20GB diskspace

Introducing’s FREE secure cloud-based backup service…

Dropbox offers you 5 GB of disk space, but Barracuda Networks is now offering 15 GB.

However if you join through my link (I’ve been using this for months now and it works well), we both get an EXTRA 5 GB.

So you will get 20 GB of FREE online storage if you join through my referral link

Using is as easy as saving stuff to a folder on your computer. They supply the folder and anything you put there is copied to their secure server.

When you edit a file that’s in that folder, the update is made without you doing anything – other than being connected to the internet.

Gary Harvey

Spin Rewriter 4.0 includes an Article Generating Algorithm (USE IT FREE)

If you are an internet marketer, you already know that content is an ESSENTIAL part of every online business.

We need it for our money sites. We can’t do SEO without it. Getting good quality content, however, can be very expensive. Writers charge up to $10 per 500 word article. And you need THOUSANDS of them.

Luckily, today there are AUTOMATION TOOLS to help us. In particular, article spinners are making things easier for savvy marketers. You just need to make sure that you use the best one. This way, you can generate UNLIMITED content – almost FREE.

Regarded by many as the BEST article spinner on the market is a product called Spin Rewriter.

  • You can set Spin Rewriter to rewrite content at several levels — paragraph level, word level or sentence level.
  • It also turns sentences around and makes sure that only appropriate synonyms are used. See what I mean here.

Spin Rewriter has been around for more than 2 years and in this time, it has undergone continued improvement. And now Aaron is launching the 4.0 version.

Click here for a free full-function trial of Spin Rewriter v4.0



He added a special article generating algorithm to Spin Rewriter 4.0. This algorithm makes sure that the generated articles are even more unique, and even more readable.

Because they are just launching it, you can get in with their special 60% launch discount. And that’s not all… The guys at Spin Rewriter have also prepared a special “34-Days to 7,000 Daily Visitors” blueprint. It’ll show you how to use UNLIMITED CONTENT for SEO purposes. For 34 days, step by step. Get it here

This special offer is only valid for another 4 days. Get in now while there’s still time!

There’s also a 5-DAY FREE TRIAL available!

By signing up for Spin Rewriter today, you’ll LOCK IN your lifetime discount. Just like I did today.

P.S. During this launch period Aaron is also offering a special bonus tool that will make sure everything is OK with your websites all the time. This can save you a LOT of money. Get the whole package here:

Click here for a free full-function trial of Spin Rewriter v4.0


How I manage my network of 200+ WordPress sites

For a few months now, I’ve been using a new WordPress network management plugin. Initially there were quite a few bugs but now they’ve ironed them out… which reminds me to mention that their support is superb. So it’s time I wrote about this blog network management tool so others can also benefit from this.

In the past, I’ve handled the blog updating process in various ways. In my early days, I did all the updates manually by logging in to each site from time to time to upload whatever needed to be updated… plugins, themes, WordPress itself.

When you have just a few sites, that manual process may be okay. But with over 200 sites, that’d be a killer.

So last year I started paying for ManageWP. It works well (it really is a good tool) but it is very costly. I was paying about $200 per month, as I now recall. OUCH.

Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs

Understandably I’ve kept my eyes open for alternative ways to manage multiple WP blogs and I have tried out most of the new releases that have come out through the WarriorForum. None of them proved satisfactory to me.

When the well known but strangely named crowd at Sick Marketing [update: in August 2013, they rebranded themselves as MainWP] released their new blog network management plugin several months ago, I decided to give it a go.

Glad I did. And let me tell you why. Here is my…

User review of the MainWP plugin

* UNLIMITED SITES. You can have it manage as many sites as you own. All from one dashboard on one of your sites.


* ALL UPDATES. You can update all your plugins, as well as all your themes (or just some of them). You can update the WordPress core whenever a new version is released. With one click to update all your WP installations.

* And there’s a delightful feature that wasnt there in the original release. It’s this magic button that does all the updates in one shot…

Sick Network Update Everything button

A huge time saver

* Better still, you can set MainWP to AUTOMATICALLY handle the entire process of updating plugins and themes. If there’s an update for a plugin, it updates it. If that plugin is installed on 50 of your sites, it updates all 50 sites – HANDS FREE. If there are errors, it identifies and describes them on your dashboard and it usually gives you a link to click to fix it or to inspect the error.

* ADD / DELETE / EDIT posts and pages too. You can bulk add new posts to multiple sites – or new pages to multiple sites. I havent used this yet.

* AUTOMATIC BACKUPS. Either daily, weekly or monthly. Either full backups or database only.

* ONLINE CHECKS. The plugin will check whether your site is online, and again you can choose to have this monitored every hour, every day or every week – with an emailed alert if there’s a problem. I’ve got mine set to daily.

* CLONE OR MIGRATE. This plugin also handles site cloning and migration. You need to create a database before you the plugin migrates your files (or during the process). They explain how to do that using CPanel.

* MANAGE THE COMMENTS. Approve, delete. Easily delete all those spam comments in a few clicks.

* GROUPS. If you work better with your sites in groups, you can easily do that too. Eg, you can set up groups for affiliate sites, client sites,, etc…

Click here to see MainWP

Oh yes, there’s a money back guarantee too. And that’s my affiliate link, of course.

Gary is a full time internet marketer & writer with a focus on SEO, niche markets and affiliate marketing